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- since 1984 -


          Our company, based near Warsaw in Poland, was established in 1984. Since 1989 we have transformed into clothing manufacturer. We are family owned company, where the highest priority is a perfect quality of our products and friendly work environment. We are open for innovations. We have introduced plenty of new solutions and  high-tech fabrics for outdoor clothing and more. Our long and successful experience in sewing and clothing production makes us more helpful for our clients in construction, patterns, fabrics and components selection. We could offer a complex production. From creating a prototype, through printing or embroidery to delivering a complete and ready to sell product.



Our major production is a sportswear and casual clothing. Additionally we have experience in manufacturing special purpose clothing and other textile products. We are open to receive varied orders as well.

Complex offer

We could offer a complex production. We come up with advice, make a pattern, buy a proper fabrics, sew it, make a printing, pack and delivery ready to sell high quality product.


For client demand, we advise regarding fabric and components choice.
We select only quality fabrics bought directly from Polish textile factories.
We could deliver every kind of fabric, even made by advanced technology, every kind of labels, tags, embroidered patches and other components. This is possible by our close cooperation with manufacturers.

machines & staff

Only qualified and experienced staff. Advanced production technology and modern sewing machines makes all orders possible to run with us.

printings & embroidery

All most popular kinds of printings for clothing. Screen printing, digital printing, thermal transfer, sublimation and embroidery. High printing quality guaranteed.

quality control

The most important thing for us it to deliver complete and high quality products. Every of product we made is carefully and thoroughly checked. None of them is coming back to us.


We properly pack and deliver products wherever You want.


We care about deadline and put effort to finish every order in time. For this purpose we could keep You informed on every production phase.

You, the client

From early production stages You could keep Your hand in. You are free to come up with suggestions or improvements that will optimize Your order.
You are more than welcome to visit our office in Poland.

the polish quality

Fabrics and textile accessories we use are all made in Poland. We never use cheaper alternatives.

Our Clients

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